Tips when visiting Africa for the first time!

There are various negative association about travelling to Africa, especially if it’s your first time. Many people from Europe or even North America will usually opt for the less controversial getaway destinations in Asia or even in their own continent.

The negative perceptions were perpetuated by the media. There is also a huge misconception when it comes to the size of the continent. Which in in fact the second biggest after Asia.

With this vast continent, you are bound to find places which you will fall in love with. However, it’s still tough, even when you are travelling in luxury. This is all part of the experience. Below are a few tips to get you going on your first trip to Africa!afri

Old bills will not be accepted and ATMs are often Scares!

When travelling to Africa, this might be one of the most important aspects to remember!

Bills cannot be older than 2006 print for US dollars. This is preferred in many countries. And older US notes are not valid or accepted in many African countries. There are certain locations that will only accept 20 dollars notes or more.

When you see a ATM, do make use of them as they accept most types of debit and credit cards.

Be cautious – Malaria

Do research about the area you will be visiting. Malaria is still problematic in many parts of Africa. It is highly advised to take precaution when travelling to certain locations.

Use Sunscreen:

Don’t forget to bring with sunscreen or purchase at any supermarket that sells these products.

Dress appropriately:

Most of the places travellers go to will be remote locations.  Behave humbly if you want to engage with locals. It’s also advised that women need to be covered up when visiting certain areas, towns or communities.

Don’t forget to:

  • Pack a torch
  • Respect the locals when taking photos of them. Tip them.
  • Pack a first aid kit

Most of all relax and enjoy your first journey into Africa!