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You will be spoiled for choice when travelling to Africa. Not only are there a multitude of fascinating countries to visit, but within each country are exciting adventures and various luxury accommodation options. That is why you need Go Safaris! to help you book the best. From choosing the perfect safari to the ideal location, we are here to ensure you book a holiday with top-notch service, excellent escapades, style and comfort.

Specialising in safaris, we introduce you to a range of exciting options from safaris tailored around a certain mode of transport such as mobile or wing safaris to game drives catered around searching for specific animals from the Big 5 to endangered primates. If you’re a water baby, there are even options for exploring life under the sea.

At times the type of safari you have chosen will help you decide on your destination. To give an example, if you wish to view the great migration of the wildebeest across the Serengeti you should head to Kenya or Tanzania. If you want to look for the Big Five there are a lot more destination options and by teaching you more about the various countries we will help you make the decision  about where to go to find the leopard, rhino, lion, buffalo and elephant that make up this distinguished group.

There are many other things to keep in mind, such as time and budget. Go Safaris! makes it easy for you to base your trip on these factors. What’s more, we’ll also let you know about the best time of year to visit certain areas and what type of climate you can expect. To make it even more lucrative, we highlight special deals and offers for those looking for a real bargain.

Everything you need to know is right here and the time to act is now, so start planning with Go Safaris! for an unforgettable holiday to Africa.